My Django Story

On December 3,2016 Django girls hosted an Introduction to Django workshop in my city. Django Girls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. In this workshop, we created our own content management system (CMS) similar to WordPress. Now let’s not get Django confused with the movie.


Django is a web framework created entirely in python. So check it out the Django tutorial on their website. It’s really cool I promise. The Django Girls event was amazing.I saw a lot of familiar faces of people that I’ve met through different Meetup groups around the city. But there were many more faces of people whom I never encountered before. For the workshop people were grouped in teams of about six including team leader. I was in a small group of three  which included a woman who is a QA test and my team leader who  is a software developer. Going to the workshop inspired me to share my “Django Story

How did you story with code start?

My coding story started in senior year of high school. I took A.P. computer science and I hated it. I was convinced that it was not for me. Fast forward to college and there was no escaping it. I was getting my bachelor’s in statistics and we did most of analysis scripting in R or SAS. My minor,Informatics, also required me  to take a basic programming course. What made programming less of a chore is when I helped a family of mine setup a WordPress site for her company. I had no idea about web programming so I went to Codecademy and plowed through the HTML/CSS courses in two days and I started customizing her WordPress site. I was thinking to myself “wow”. If I could give a small business owner a voice on the web to increase the number of her clients in a matter of weeks. What else can I do with programming?

What did you do before becoming a programmer?

I was a professional student. Now I’m just a full blown student of life.

What do you love the most about coding?

What I love about coding is that it has the same power of reading,writing,drawing or any other craft. The power of creating something and sharing your ideas to people. When you read you are creating ideas, when you are writing you are sharing your ideas/ your voice and when you draw  you are saying this is my personal style. When you code it’s the same magic.

Why django?

I love working with python. Its an easy language to pick up and you can do anything with it. I’m excited about the fact I can create a web-application around the ETL scripts I’ve done for work.

What cool projects are you working on at the moment/planning on working on near future?

Right now I’m just working on some fun small side projects. I planning on creating a WordPress Plugin similar to Hello,Dolly but with Dj Khaled quotes. I also what to do a data visualization of gentrification throughout different Chicago neighborhoods.

What are you the most proud  of?

My resilience. I’ve just been rejected so many times but different scholarships,jobs,and programs. You tend to second guess yourself. But if I learn something new I consider that a win.

What are you curious about?

My curiosity about things changes a quickly as the wind blows. Right now I am just focusing on getting a solid foundation. I want to learn more about Object Oriented Programing.

What do you like doing in your free time? What’s your hobby?

If I am not at the library checking out comic books or hula hooping. I am going to different Meetup groups across the city to talk to other nerds like me.

Do you have any advice/tips for programming beginners?

Programming is for everyone. It does not matter how old or young you are. Work on projects that meet your interests.



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