What I did this summer

Well, summer came and then it went. Labor day was a week ago and school has officially started for everyone. This blog has been dead for awhile. Like so many side bloggers before me I have neglected my main source of self-advertisement.  But there was an important reason why my blog has been dead for so long.

I’ve done nothing this summer!!!! Since Pokemon Go came out in July I’ve just been trying to hunt for Squirtles.




Well, this is not entirely true. I spent two weeks back in the big city doing a bootcamp prep course with Full Stack Academy in June. The bootcamp is suppose to prepare you for interview coding questions that many  coding bootcamps conduct before selecting their candidates. I registered for the bootcamp because it was affordable and I wanted to know what the big deal was about coding bootcamps. I was always skeptical about them because you can take an online MOOC for FREE.99 and learn the core concepts of web development. 

The bootcamp prep went over basic algorithms in JavaScript that you see in coding interviews such as recursion, proof by contradiction,and data structures,etc. Overall I enjoyed the bootcamp. The instructors were patient and they explained things in a simple manner. It was nice being around other coders.We got to help each other out and solidify the concepts.

Full Stack Academy has a lot of great reviews online and people who go through the program have received amazing programming jobs. But it seems like they are mostly after people who have an engineering background and need to transition into programming. So if you are an absolute beginner to programming I would not suggest applying to this program.

After the bootcamp, the motivation to study those concepts wore off and I mostly focused on my job. I applied and I did not get into Full Stack Academy. I must admit my ego was hurt but, it was for the best.


Like I said before I am a bit of a cheapskate and I cannot justify spending $10,000 for a three month boot camp. I don’t believe my masters degree even cost that much. Going into my second year not being a student I’ve realized I enjoy working with data. I would like to learn more things about GIS and data visualization in general.




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