Data Science Resources

I  wanted to create a  quick blog post which will be a redux of a blog post I did two years ago. This is for people who are like me, people who want to practice their data science skills but are too broke to shell out $16,000 bones for a data science bootcamp. Luckily some of these bootcamps post all of their resources on github.

The Data Science Summer School(D3) is  a bootcamp hosted by Microsoft and is geared towards undergraduates in the New York area. Microsoft also has a dataset resources to practice your machine learning algorithms.

CS 109- Harvard Intro to Data Science even though this is a bootcamp this class has the most comprehensive materials on this list. It has lecture notes, videos , and assignments. Harvard education without the price or the accreditation.

Kevin Markham founder of teaches a General Assembly Data Science BootCamp and each session is posted on his github page.

Kevin Markham also has his own youtube channel where he teaches scikit learn.

Other resources that are not in bootcamp/ structured class format

The most important resource in this list is Hardley Wickham’s tidy data tutorial . As a statistics major in undergrad I was blessed/cursed with never having to deal with messy data until I went to grad school. Its something that we all need to learn.

A very brief tutorial of graphing plots with R  ggplot 2 library or python with the seaborn library

Finally to keep up to date with data science news check out this curated list of data science blogs


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