Power of Habit

So it’s been three months into the New Year and I feel like I should have listened to my more practical friends and not made that resolution list. I am on a two month blogging/coding slump along with a three week exercise slump. During the time I was exercising I come to a lot of instagram pics and blog posts that talked about consistency and the power of habit. My favorite fitness blog is Nerd Fitness ran by Steve. If you are into superheroes and you are not at the point of your exercise journey where you can’t completely rebuke McDonald’s this is a good place to start.

We live in a world filled with instinct gratification. But like my dad always told me “Nothing good in life ever comes easy.”  Old people tend to be right. Anyone can accomplish their goals. Whether you want to be a rockstar programmer, or a data scientist, or just want to have a hot bod. In order to change create habits that are not complicated,  start of small.

For example:

Main Goal: I want to be a data scientist.

How do you reach goal: Learn some algorithms

Mini Goal : What’s the simplest algorithm you can start with -> Linear Regression

Only change ONE  thing  in your routine and set out only 10-30 minutes out of your day to accomplish your goals. You are more likely to do something that only takes 10 minutes instead of doing something that takes an hour to accomplish. Plus you will clock in more hours doing things for a small amount everyday instead of only doing thing 3 to 4 hours over the weekend. When you start of small you don’t feel so overwhelmed and these little accomplishments will keep you going. And when you are in a rut like me. It’s okay. You just acknowledge it and go back to where you started.


Power of Habits

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