Chi Py Mentorship Program Day 2: Setting Up a Python Dev Environment on the cloud 9

What is Cloud 9?

Cloud9 is a cloud service that allows you to create an Ubuntu work space with a snazzy code editor in the cloud. So if you want to quickly create a small app to be shown on your portfolio without paying a money for hosting space Cloud9 is just for you. With the free version of Cloud9 there are you get 512 MB of memory and 1GB of disk space which is not a lot. Lucky for us Anaconda has a mini version of itself called Miniconda which does not contain 300 python packages as Anaconda.

Step One Create a Workspace


Name your workspace and choose the custom Ubuntu template.


Scroll down to the lower left corner and press the green create workspace button


Step Two- Download Mini Anaconda



Right click the link for the Ubnutu 64 downloads for the version of python you want to work with.






Step Three-Installation

To install it in the shell by using this command


After accepting all the terms from the licensing agreement.

Step 4-Python Package downloads

Download python packages

conda install package-name

For Example

conda install numpy

*Note to use IPython use the command

ipython notebook --no-browser --port=8080 --ip=


Make sure you have the –no-browser  command because it will try to look for a viable browser to load IPython. In order to see your notebook open up a new browser and load the url  http://{workspace}-{username} .

And that’s that.



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