Installing packages for atom on Windows

Hello all,

Today this will be a quick tutorial about installing packages in atom for Windows machines. Atom is an open source code editor that is comprised of over 50 open-source packages. Think of it as if sublime text and notepad++ had a baby and it just turned out to be awesome.

<insert lego awesome image here>

In order to download your version just go to  Since this is an open source tool you are allowed to customize the Atom code editor to you specific needs. There is a huge open source developer community that has created many packages to increases your coding productivity flow.

So there are two ways to install a package in atom. The first way(which kind of sucks) is to go through the gui.


You can go to the File menu >Settings to open up the settings configuration for Atom.


Or Press the buttons ctrl+shift+p (all at the same time) and a search menu appears. In the search menu type the keywords Install packages and click Settings View:Install Packages and Themes


In the search bar type in the name of the package you are looking to download. I don’t like installing package this way because you ending have a list of packages that you are not really looking for.  I like going through the command line to install packages

Command Line Way

Navigate to the windows command learn. By default you are taken to the path C:\WINDOWs\system32

Change the path to

cd c:\users\laptop_name\.atom

next type in


in order to activate the Atom Package Manager

You should see something like this:


then type the code

apm install &lt;package-name&gt;

And that’s it! You are done and you have increased your productivity by a 1000!


List of packages to install :

Creating your own atom package:

List of packages that you should install :

3 thoughts on “Installing packages for atom on Windows

  1. In my case, navigating to c:\users\laptop_name\.atom was not sufficient to activate the Atom Package Manager. I had to move further down the file structure, until I reached the folder c:\users\laptop_name\AppData\Local\atom\app-1.0.2\resources\app\apm\bin, where my apm.cmd file was located.

    1. I have a pretty gnarly work proxy, and would rather just install from the downloaded files. How would I go about installing from a downloaded .zip? It seems that the ‘apm’ command still seeks out the package on GitHub. Is there a way to specify a file path for the desired package?

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