R and MySQL : A Tutorial for Beginners


R and MySQL Database Tutorial
# Hello visitors, this tutorials is to connect and working with mysql server using RMySQl package
# Although, it is bit tricky and difficult to instal this package on lastest version on R, but you should do it before using this tutorial
# If in case, you find it difficult to instal RMySQl on your computer, please send me a message, so that I can develop a tutorials for that as well


# mydb = dbConnect(MySQL(), user='manoj', password='password', host='localhost')

# creating a database using RMySQL in R

# dbSendQuery(mydb, "CREATE DATABASE bookstore;")

# dbSendQuery(mydb, "USE bookstore")

# reconnecting to database we just created using following command in R :

mydb = dbConnect(MySQL(), user='manoj', password='password', host='localhost', dbname="bookstore")

dbSendQuery(mydb, "drop table if exists books, authors")
# creating tables in bookstore:

dbSendQuery(mydb, "
book_id INT,
title VARCHAR(50),
author VARCHAR(50));")
# Show tableā€¦

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