Data science MOOCs

Hello cool world,

I just wanted to give a list of MOOCs that are currently going on. Even if the course is no long active you can still use their resources to improve your skills.

edX Mooc Data, Analytics and Learning give you the basic of data analytics and data mining. They are also incorporating social media to encourage class participation. This is a great way to network with people. Here is their  facebook , google+ accounts, and you can follow Data, Analytics and Learning using #dalmoocso.

Also and John Hopkins University have teamed up to create a data science specialization. The list of data  science courses are The Data scientist’s Toolbox, R Programming,Getting and Cleaning Data,Exploratory Data Analysis, and many more!

Finally to work on your data science skills canvas has a MOOC that is available until the end of the year that is called Doing Journalism with Data:First Steps and Tools. It is taught by the guys who wrote the book The Data Journalism Handbook. 

Go forth and learn! Knowledge should be free!


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